Crack is the most common problem that arises in any building or structure. before it leads to other serious issues it is important to fix the problem at the earliest time. Crackbond® Epoxy Repair Paste is a kind two forms of component, high modulus structural epoxy that is available in bulk and cartridge systems. It is a kind of non-sag based properties that is formulated for the large vertical as well as the overhead form of crack repairs.


This kind of product is usually used in the form of filler or adhesive for overhead as well as for vertical repairs.

High building as well as the non-sag form of patching material that is used for a non-moving form of cracks as well as for the spalls.

It can be used as pick proof form of sealant in the office and schools, hospitals, and various other security-required applications.

They are ideal to be used as the bonding agent that would be essential for materials including concrete. Steel, block, stone, and other kinds of substrates.

It is also used for grouting dowels, bolts, and pins. It is also used for capping paste and also for an injection port for the adhesive to apply pressure injection.

There is no need requirement to drill and also chance to get the dust that may be found in the drill hole as well as in the crack. The seal and the repair of the cracks are essential to quickly stop the leakage of water through the crack and also by using the cracks that can be seen in the concrete can be covered by using an injection which is of either resin or polyurethane sealant.

This kind of crack-filling paste can also be used for structural reinforcement as it serves as a seal or is helpful to seal or warp the cracks. At the same, it is also useful to add strength to the prevailing concrete structures like concrete columns.

Structural reinforcement using varied kinds of synthetic fabrics, carbon-based fiber forms of fabrics, and other kinds of wraps is done. This kind of product can also be used on any concrete or steel that is damaged due to weather, corrosion, or frost.