In the ever-changing landscape of in-store retail display, humans count among our many blessings the new and returning customers who put their trust in us to draw upon our decades of expertise in designing, fabricating, and manufacturing customizedĀ cosmetics display stand which have proven to be highly effective in showcasing our clients’ wares.

Recent Changes In Cosmetic Stands:

As you would guess or already know, there is a wide range of cosmetic display stands or cosmetics units available, each of which can be built from a wide range of materials and use a wide range of building methods. Depending on the specifics of your project, we may use sheet metal, metal tube, or metal wire to construct your custom display stand and unit.

Things To Consider In Cosmetic Stands:

A cosmetic stand can save you time and money by sourcing and assembling any additional components, including printed graphics, and electrical and acrylic fittings, that your aesthetic display stand or unit may need. Powder coating is one of the several exterior finishing choices we give, allowing you to customize your exhibit’s color to match your brand’s aesthetic or shield it from the elements.


In our retail manufacturing workshop in Loughborough, Leicestershire, we do a “first-check” on every retail display and product display unit that leaves our facility. This guarantees that the completed stands or units will be up to your standards and suitable for retail display.

In the United States, a promotional display is also called an exhibition booth. It consists of branded printed materials mounted on a frame (banner stands, pop-up displays, etc.) to draw attention to a product or service.