Fire-rated garage doors are important for any business, whatever the industry. Installing these doors assures you that you will have an added layer of protection in the event of a fire. It is crucial to protect high-traffic areas where numerous people gather, such as malls, stores, and dormitories. These doors are commonly installed in public buildings like malls, stores, and dormitories where many people gather. You should select the right door for your business from fire-rated garage doors suppliers since it is crucial for its safety and appearance.


If the door fits your specifications and is correctly installed, it can withstand extreme heat and fire. As a result of being fire-rated, or sometimes referred to as fire-rated garage doors suppliers, the garage door will not combust in the event of a fire within a specific period. Time frames vary, but usually anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes, so employees and visitors get extra time to get out. Smoke and fire will not spread to other parts of the building if the door is hollow and made from metal during this period.


If a fire ever happens, you will be better able to protect your employees, clients, inventory, and property by having a fire-rated garage door. You can greatly reduce the chances of losing lives or property by using these doors since they slow down the spread of heat, smoke, and flames, which makes your business more secure and safer. In addition to their fire resistance, these doors are often installed inside fire barrier walls in corridors.


When a fire occurs in the building, they normally automatically close. In some commercial buildings, fire-rated doors are required, making them an important investment in protecting your business. A fire-rated garage door that passes fire door test drops has been the hallmark of Quality Overhead Door since 1982, providing commercial businesses with safety and security. With our experienced technicians, you can be confident that they will provide prompt, responsive service no matter what door you choose.