The final step on a construction site is the cleaning and organizing everything. This final touch-up ensures that all damages are taken care of, loose ends are tied up, and the property is up to the mark. You can either complete the checklist without hiring help or hand it over to reputed construction cleaning services in Mississauga, ON.

What do you mean by a post-construction cleaning checklist?

A post-construction cleaning checklist is a document that separates various worksite areas into specific sections for cleaning. It helps staff identify areas that need dusting before considering the project complete.

Inclusions in the checklist

Your checklist should cover each area of the build. It should help the cleaner inspect all corners of the property, like the floor, windows, ceiling, and exterior, and remove trash and dust particles. Here’s what all to add

Entrances and Exits

  • All doors that lead into the building should be clean. After all, these are areas that the owner will first notice.
  • Exterior lights
  • Wipe windows
  • Clean doors, door frames and door knobs
  • Confirm if the lights are working

Living/common rooms

  • The living area and other chambers should be clean, clear, well-lit and free of dust.
  • No pain drops on the walls or floors
  • Window, window sills and window tracks are clean


  • Cooking spaces can be complicated and have a lot of corners and crevices that usually miss the naked eye.
  • Dust shelves, counters and cabinets
  • Clean appliances
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Remove trash
  • Clean sink
  • Wipe down fixtures and finishes


Although the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it needs to be swept and cleared at the end of construction.

  • Sanitize and clean the sink, tub, shower and toilet
  • Wipe the mirrors


For bedrooms, ensure the closets are clean and polished, remove traces of paint from hinges, dust the grates and vents and polish the furniture.

Outdoor spaces

The final step is a complete analysis of the exterior of the site. It means removing all packaging, tape, and plastic other construction signs from the property.