Understand in detail about Vinyl floor coverings

Vinyl floors are elastic floor coverings and are therefore sound-absorbing, heat-insulating and, with the appropriate surface treatment, easy to maintain. The decors are offered in an almost endless range.

The luxury vinyl flooring in baytown tx belongs to the group of PVC coverings. These are plastic coverings that are characterized by a multi-layer structure. A back layer made of plastic usually serves as the basis. This is followed by the carrier layer on which the printing layer is located for stabilization. The print layer is the actual decor.

Vinyl floors usually contain plasticizers that are phthalate-free and therefore have no known health risk. Because they are practical and easy to clean, they are suitable for almost all living spaces. Another key feature is their versatility in design.

The vinyl flooring must not be confused with linoleum. Both floors can be laid quite easily without special tools and are now often used as a replacement for classic wooden or carpeted floors. However, linoleum is more complex to manufacture than vinyl and consists exclusively of natural materials such as natural resin and wood flour.

Design variety

Because there are vinyl floors in different decors, colours and patterns, they can be an interesting alternative to parquet or laminate. For example, vinyl can have a warm wood look beech, maple, oak, chestnut, cherry, etc.At first glance, a floor in this design often cannot be distinguished from a real wooden plank. Natural stone decors can also be reproduced realistically and true to nature. This is achieved through a special structure of the surface, which makes it non-slip and non-slip.

Do not lay vinyl on parquet and solid wood flooring . Wood works – even if you can’t see it. This damages the vinyl floor in the long run. The same applies to cork. Remove old cork flooring. The click connections in the vinyl can loosen due to the soft surface.

Vinyl floor coverings are available in almost every look. Vinyl floors are also available in a tile design, which is suitable for the kitchen, for example. The advantage is that vinyl floors are warmer than real tiles. And in contrast to stone or ceramic tiles, vinyl cannot break or splinter if something falls on the floor.