Tips and tricks to move a heavyweight gun

Moving awkwardly shaped heavy objects at home is without hiring packers and a mover is a tricky job as it always requires extra caution. Gun can be safe, and it is a practical item to purchase. Guns are a valuable item, and you need to put that in a very secure place. Also, guns are hefty, and moving them requires extra meticulous planning. It is fireproof and can weigh up to 100 pounds or more. Before you move heavy objects, it is always safe to protect yourself. It is essential to know the dimension first. Measure first and knowing the measurement of the place is mandatory. It is necessary to see the dimension and sizes.In case moving up or down the stair gun safe moving sliders is the important tool which would make your work easy.

Before the moving process, you can ask yourself the following questions-

  • Does it fit through the door?
  • Can you handle the door? How many people required?
  • Do you have stairs?
  • Is it big enough inside the house?

Things to do before moving the safe would be to clean your safe, get the tools, secure the doors, clear the path and protect your safety. If you want to move the gun safes upstairs, you follow the order of removing the bolts, locking the safe door, placing the safe on the dolly, pulling and moving the safe, and keeping your balance. If you are moving the gun safe downstairs, you can attach the safe on a dolly, move slowly, take control of the whole balance.

While moving from the house, it is important to move the gun safes carefully. Rent a truck and haul your safe to the storage unit so that you can lock it inside and use the tips for either moving below or upstairs. Moving a heavy safe is always a risky job, so do not make it more difficult than it is. Always play safe and beware of the risk and danger.