Some applications of 3D technology

The many advantages associated with 3D printing technology have forced many sectors to adapt to it increasingly. singapore 3d printing service has been successfully implemented in many sectors of the industry. Read on to know about a few of them.

Education sector

By creating a gap between ideas and images on paper to translating them into images in 3D, this technology helps create more insight for learners. This is used more in projects in Universities. 3D printing helps in the manufacture of educational tools at a lower cost. High-quality scientific equipment can also be manufactured with the help of this technology. Various streams of education get benefitted from the introduction of 3D printing. Learning becomes easier in Sciences when they are able to practically see for themselves the design details. More intricate details can be added by exploring the designs.


This field has seen a revolutionary application of 3D printing technology. Dental implants, prosthetics, bioprinting, are some of the examples that can be cited. Prosthetics are very expensive to manufacture. Due to this reason, many deserving patients are not able to get access to these. With the help of 3D printing, prosthetics that can be made to perfectly fit the patient’s needs can be manufactured at a reduced cost. Manufacture of the exact fit was always a problem as the size was not tailor-made and was kind of one-size fit all. Now, this issue is eliminated and prosthetics with 3D can be made even for children with periodic changes in the size when needed.

The dental industry has also been using 3D printing for orthodontic implants.3D creates more porous surfaces in materials thus helping in integration with the patient’s bones very quickly.


Manufacture of construction components becomes easier with 3D printing. Models with more details included can be easily produced here. It has the advantages of low cost, accuracy, faster completion of projects, less waste generation.