EMF Shielding For Your Home

Especially, the advancement in the field of communication became unavoidable. Nobody would have believed the idea of cellphones if it was proposed before the 50s. The first phone was invented in 1973 and sooner in 1979 world’s first mobile network was created. Within a few decades in was upgraded into smartphones we use. Mobile phones are not the only thing upgraded. The mobile network also upgraded from a local area network to worldwide network. Year by year more advancement made like cellular data.

First the cellular data only had 2G, by 2008 3G was introduced and then the game changer 4G came in 2009. The number of mobile users incredibly increased. Now 5G tech was introduced and became a huge interest of the world. But there is an important thing to consider. The 5G tech emits a huge amount of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) radiation enough to annihilate most of the small creatures in earth. It can also cause long term health problems to humans. 5G tech’s EMF radiations can cause severe problems like dementia, autism, neurotoxicity and DNA damage. So, we need to protect ourselves from this harmful radiation. Infrequency solutions introduced the best emf protection. The wave rider is their new product that protects us from the harmful EMF radiations.

It is a noise field device that uses Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) to provide the best EMF protection. It does not reduce the effect of EMF; it protects our body’s cellular structure by shielding it. The wave rider neutralizes the effect of EMF entering our body. This product can work from a distance of 5 feet to 30 feet from the subject. It is the best EMF protection device that has no side effects or any other practical errors.