Count on the Vessel Chartering Company in Singapore


Providing offshore services or undertaking complicated projects that need equipment transportation across oceans and borders may be a logistical headache. Even just planning for vehicle transportation may be difficult. On top of that, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all of your official papers in order. In addition, you must fulfill all of the critical dates to prevent delays in your project or service delivery. If you are looking for vessel chartering companies in singapore, try Halcon Primo, which is reliable and affordable.

Aside from that, they also offer complete shipping solutions, including freight consulting, forecasts, and comprehensive post-fixture services, to several well-known shipowners and cargo customers who have come to trust us.

The best solution at Falcon Primo

A dependable, long-term logistics solution covering the whole supply chain is what you need – vessel chartering. Allow your customers to benefit from any complicated projects or offshore services that you provide without a hitch. Have the most reliable transportation, with all of the necessary paperwork, planning, and processes completed for you and maintained under control by your transportation provider.

Allow yourself to focus on more critical demands while they take care of the rest.You don’t simply receive a transportation service in Singapore when you work with Halcon Primo Logistics. You will benefit from a complete solution supported by 18 years of professional business experience in worldwide LCT vessel chartering and management.

In addition to providing commercial management to several very renowned shipowners, we also offer full fledge shipping solutions to several prominent and well-recognized cargo customers. These solutions include freight consulting, projections, and complete post-fixture services.


They can help you avoid last-minute scrambles for equipment transport and explore your vessel charter alternatives with their help. Your equipment will be delivered on time and precisely on schedule, allowing you to meet the requirements of all of your clients. Leave the relocation to them, and you’ll have more time to devote to other important parts of your project.