A guide to getting a perfect body tan by using Melanotan 2

to want a perfect body tan you require a lot of UV rays exposure and we all know that too much exposure to UV rays is harmful to for health as well as for the skin. This is when Melanotan 2 comes into the picture and solves the tanning problems people are facing. This tanning peptide is the peptide that stimulates the production of melanin in the body. The natural response of our skin in response to Uv ray is the darkening of the skin that is increasing in the production of melanin to protect it from being damaged.

How does Melanotan work?

This peptide is the one that is designed to stimulate the production of melanin in the body. As melanin production is the natural response of the body in exposure to UV rays the melanin is supercharged in production and even at the minimum exposure maximum tanning effect is required. This is a suitable solution for people who wish to achieve the perfect tan in the minimum amount of time without spending hours in the sun and getting

burnt. Let’s look at its benefits:


  1. The best one is the requirement of minimal UV exposure, Though it is not a completely sunless tanner so the requirement of sunlight is still necessary.
  2. this peptide protects the skin from UV ray damage, And it helps to provide a deeper pigmentation to the skin
  3. Long-lasting tan even when the peptide is stopped completely a warm tan still lasts for months without exposure to the UV rays.

How to use the Melanotan 2 dose?

Using this peptide is an ongoing therapy that requires some starting dose that is accompanied by further maintenance after which the users get the skin tone that they desire, it usually takes some time to develop. Just some correct dose and little patience will pay things off. It is transported and sold as 10mg that is freeze and dried in powder form that is sterile and sealed in multi-use vials. And it requires 1-2ml of sterile water is usually used by diluting with more water to provide accuracy in the dosage. And the vile is to be kept in the fridge otherwise it will start to degrade. We should not fall for any easy methods of using Melanotan 2, it is best used in the form of injections.

Many online suppliers sell things such as oral pills, powders, pre-mixed peptides, and nasal sprays and these are mainly known not to work and if they did injections would not have been used. though there are some positive reports of using the nasal spray however it is not very cost-effective as these molecules of thesepeptides are large and show difficulty in passing through the nasal membrane.