Building a retirement nest egg from scratch

It is expected that the population of people over 65 will double in the next 30 years. Currently, it is 40 million, and in 2040 it will be 80 million. Recent economic developments have challenged the retirement savings of many people. People deal with uncertainty and volatility in investment markets. And unemployment remained around 10%. Many people were forced to use their 401 thousand savings to live because unemployment is no longer available. These people need another option: to build an egg for retirement and to do it reasonably quickly.

I have some experience with volatility in the stock market 

My husband’s 401K came to $ 1 million in 2001. At that time, there was a “tip bomb,” a financial crisis among online companies. Many of them died. Our 401 thousand dollars increased from 1 million to 300 thousand dollars per night. It was shocking to see! We were in the middle of the forties with two incomes and a child in college. We thought we could retire early, and then damn it! We are resigned to continue working and contribute to 401K. 401K has gradually grown to more acceptable levels. Again, during our recent recession, 401k received another blow! What have we learned from this experience? We do not feel we can count on 401 thousand, to ensure a decent income during retirement! So, what do we do instead?


We are building a pension nest 

We start a home-based business that can provide us with the necessary income for us to retire. We are working to create an asset that will pay us for the rest of our lives and will be available for two generations to come. We are building a legacy!

We create assets and assets, and we have fun! Every day we give hope to the people who need it. We help people with their health and finances. Very careful to touch people in this way! And they can realize results that change lives. We earn a salary from the heart, as well as the guy who leads the bank!

If you cannot count on your savings to support you for the next 30 years after age 65, consider starting a home-based business. This is an affordable, economical option, with the potential for a very high return on your investment. A repurchase of 90% (of an unopened product) of business during the first year is possible. What other company will return the money if it decides it is not for you?

Worth seeing 

We do not pressure people, but we want them to exercise due diligence. We provide people with information to make a decision. This is more about teaching people. What they decide is right. We welcome you, and we begin the process of tutoring if you choose. And if you think that this is not for them, we wish you the best while you can read review at their site.