Instagram, photo, and videos sharing social media are launched in October 2010. This media allows the users to upload photos, share their videos for the public or private view. Users can like their photos, follow other users.

From 2010, Instagram rapidly gained its popularity. People also use this site to become popular. They buy likes and followers on Instagram and make their profile so attractive and graceful. Now Instagram popularity is at a most top level than any other social media. Popularity helps people to become a star. Not only for popularity have some people bought likers for their carrier too.



Popularity is just not a word, it is an achievement and success to everyone who can get it. But it is not possible to get huge likers and followers on Instagram at very first. Some people want to be popular overnight, likers help them for that. Likes have complete their profiles and photos, likes will help to grow your profile. Likes can make a good impression on people about your brands and your products.


Liking is considered as a known being grabbing more & more attention. Liking is highly related to baiting technique but content still does matter. In order to bait for likes, a common trick is to mention somewhere in the composer box or photo or thumbnail for people to like. This really turns on people for liking.

Another way of like engagement is the indirect paid source that allows people to buy Instagram likes from some social media panel


Basically, we can get so many advantages and drawbacks for any kind of work. Here are also several drawbacks which we can’t ignore.  Generally, when people buy a lot of likers, but they have a very few followers. It should not be hard to tell that they have a lot of fake likes.

Not only that if there are a lot of likes in a photo but the number of comments are very few, i.e. the ratio of likes and comments is a big number then people will understand that you buy the Instagram likers and you are fake. Your reputation will be hampered. There will be real likers as well as fake likers too. People won’t earn money from the fake likers.


Though there are many drawbacks of buying Instagram likes it is an effective marketing tactic for the company which will help people to boost their online credibility.  If an individual person has many likes it will make the Instagram profile look more attractive.