Finding The Right Fittings For Your Plumbing Needs

Looking for the right fitting for the right price is not that easy. Most would drive from store to store just to have their order processed. But this what Blackhawk Supply is all about. They are providing all plumbers with a one-stop shop where they would be able to access everything that they need.

            They have all the supplies that are more than just the valves needs. They have the best supplies in stock for you, making your shopping experience better than what you were used to. But before doing so, here are the different types of fittings that you should know of.

Plumbing Fittings

The Types Of Plumbing Fittings

            Fittings are generally made from different kinds of materials like plastic, brass, copper and also iron. There are also different types that are used for different functions. It can be used for 90 or 45-degree elbows, for offsets or T-joints, and so much more. So here are the different types of fittings that are commonly used.

The Brass Threaded Compression Fittings. This has more than 2 ports or entry points that is used for connecting the pipes to the fixtures. This can be used as compression only, for compression and screwed, and also for screwed only. This is the best for beginner plumbers.

Capillary Fittings. This can be made from copper and has a soldered joint that is used to connect both of the pipes. These pipes that are joined will be inserted in the fitting that is heated. The solder will flow by capillary action which will fill the gap between the pipe and the fitting. This will seal and strengthen the joint which makes it resistance to the pipe’s pulling and rotation. These are slimmer, affordable, and a stronger joint for the pipes. But this is not an easy method for beginners. This requires knowledge and skill.

Ductile Iron Screwed Fittings. This can be used with water and also with compressed air. However, this method is pricier. These fittings are will often have contact with the inlet or outlets of the central heating boilers or furnaces. This is also used in pumps and air compressors. These are much preferred by plumbers because it is more affordable and stronger even compared to brass, making it perfect for large-sized projects.

Plastic and Copper Alloy Push Fittings. This is used for connecting plastic and copper pipe. These fittings are very easy and convenient to use. The best option for tight spaces making it easy to join the pipes. This can also be disassembled by hand. This also comes with a twist lock feature, giving it an added insurance against the release of a pipe fitting when the collet is pushed accidentally.

When it comes to you fitting needs, there is only one name that you can trust, Blackhawk Supply. They have all of your plumbing needs. Even beginners can find the easiest and the most convenient methods and the experts can have a shopping experience of their life with the high quality supplies that the company has.