All about battery tenders

A battery tender is a type of a charger which fully charges your car battery. This device also maintains the battery at an optimum storage voltage. It has the capability to switch from a full charging mode to a float charge mode. This is a very important piece of gear especially for cars that sit for long periods of time of are not in use regularly. Cars like the extra cars in the family, water sport cars or vehicles, motorcycles and the cars that are stored away for the winter. All the mentioned cars require a battery tender which helps maintain the battery reliably for very long periods of time.

Why invest in a battery tender?

Investing in a battery tender is a good idea because it will ensure that your car battery is charged. This becomes utmost important for people who keep do not use their vehicles regularly. Hence when you are on a vacation and want your car battery to maintain its charge that too at an optimum storage voltage. Now a days the updated tech savvy battery tenders have microprocessors that help analyses the current state of the battery and then provide the perfect charging program for your battery. Once fully charged the mode automatically switches from the charge mode to float mode. The float mode in the battery tender helps keep the car battery at full charge without damaging the car, or the battery or even the charger. This whole switch and maintain process requires zero manual intervention. Usually one can get a nominal car battery tenders that produce lower voltages as they are basically designed for keeping the battery at a full charge and then recharge the used battery power to full charge.

There are higher voltage tenders available in the market. The main advantage of such high voltage battery tenders is that it keeps charges and recharges in lesser time comparatively.

Modes of operating:

There are four charging modes in a battery tender and they are

  1. Initialization mode: monitors the battery voltage and ensures continuity between battery and output.
  2. Bulk mode: constant current and the battery is uopto80% charges
  3. Absorption mode: high voltage and the battery is fully charged
  4. Float mode: also known as the maintenance mode.